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Commission CLOSED

I'll be in HIATUS but May is the month where I'll start on all the pending commissions! Stay tuned!!



Feel free to browse my gallery~ Copyright © Alice.

Paint Tool SAI by LumiResourcesAdobe Photoshop by LumiResourcesTraditional Tools by LumiResources


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Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi Not start yet..
Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi Sketching..
Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi Making line art..
Progress Bar 05 by Pikishi Coloring...
Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi Finished and Ready to submit.


:bulletgreen:| Commission PayPal |:bulletgreen:

  1. Kyone-Kuaci <PAID> Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi
  2. Lacriette <PAID> Progress Bar 07 by Pikishi
  3. darldNife <PAID> Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi
  4. lovelychu <PAID> Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi
  5. Neko-Hanyou-Sakura <PAID> Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi
  6. royalteal <PAID> Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

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  1. Aruella: Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi

:bulletred: Art Trade :bulletred: (closed friends only)



:bulletblack: Waiting for Commission :bulletblack:


:bulletpink: | WIP PICTURE(S) | :bulletpink:

Currently doing commission:

Anyone open for Pixel icon comm? Or kindly suggest anyone? 

7 deviants said Nope
2 deviants said I know someone (Comment pls)



| Common FAQS |

Q. What software did you use for your illustration?
A. I use licensed Paint Tool Sai for sketches, lineart and coloring then for additional effect I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 I got licensed Paint Tool Sai from my friend, you can buy it online around $60. If you can't afford it you can just download the cracked version somewhere in the internet. If you still can't find it, just note me and I'll try to help you by sending PTS through email. ^^

Q. How did you do animation?
A. It's quiet easy for blinking and short animation. You have to draw frame by frame either by digital or traditional and animated it in Photoshop or Photoscape. If this not helping at all, try to search for animation tutorials here.

Q. How did you do pixel art?
A. I used to draw pixel in Photoshop and I use pencil tool for making pixel lineart. You can also draw pixel in Sai by using binary tool. Pixel linearting is quiet hard for me...since we have to make sure that lineart doesn't doubled. Maybe looking at this tutorials might help you.
In Sai: In Photoshop:

Q. Do you draw anime fan art?
A. Yes. When I'm so addicted to some anime and got inspiration from it I'll draw a fan art. My forever fandom is Pokemon, Digimon, Inuyasha, Nurarihyon no Mago (or any yokai-related anime).

Q. Do you take free request?
A. Only for closed friends. I won't take free request anymore.

Q. Do you accept AT or Art Trade?
A. Only for closed friends too. Sometimes when I feel like it.

Q. What do you mostly draw?
A. I draw mostly my OCs. I love drawing my OCs more than I draw fanarts- I really want to draw more fanarts from anime or other people's OC but I seems can't. >.< The thing I love the most is drawing my own characters. That's why I mostly post drawing of my OCs.

| Asked FAQS |

Q. When did you start drawing your first anime? AkiDemi
A. I don't really remember when, but I think it's when I'm around 10-12 years old and I'm getting serious with drawing when I watch Inuyasha.

Q. What inspires you the most with your art? Xros-Hero
A. Actually I'm kind of people that hardly got inspired by something. Things that inspires me depends on my mood. Sometimes watching anime and reading manga can really do a trick. That's why I do not-so often draw a decent art. I hate that part of me.

Q: Why are you so pro senpai? DestinyPhoenix89
A: I'm not pro. I'm still below pro and I need to practices more. Stop keep saying that I'm pro. There're plenty of things that I need to learn myself to become a pro, someday. //ming

| FAQS about Alice's OCs |

Ask any FAQS about me~ Sorry for my bad English. I'll update often.


May 23, 2015
2:53 pm
May 23, 2015
4:04 am
May 22, 2015
10:54 pm
May 22, 2015
9:34 pm
May 21, 2015
6:47 pm


Com: Love by EciiArisu
Com: Love
For CosmicCreationist 
I'm slowly working on commissions.
Look at my decreased skills..._(:'c_ 
Sorry for a bit inactive- A lot life problems had happened. 
Anyway I just got my copy of Story of Seasons few days ago- so I might spend my time more playing game than drawing~ Don't worry tho, I'll start on commission slowly like a snail. ^o^/
Anyone open for Pixel icon comm? Or kindly suggest anyone?
7 deviants said Nope
2 deviants said I know someone (Comment pls)
Yokai-san by EciiArisu
Just my new baby //o// He's a blue heron fire (Aosagiri) yokai.
He's a left handed katana wielder and his katana is glowing blue.
Will add more description of him later.


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